I find it so interesting watching story time videos online, where people share funny, embarrassing, weird moments that happened in their life to the world. So, that’s what I decided to do today!!

It was 6:30 AM and my alarm clock started beeping obnoxiously. I laid in bed, to lazy to turn it off, groaning and dreading school. Then a wave of anxiousness rushed over me as I remembered I had a math test. Then another wave hit me in remembrance that I hadn’t understood my math homework. Then I fell asleep. My alarm clock must’ve turned off by itself because an hour later my mom cam into my room and shook me awake. I looked at the time and groaned. My bus would be leaving in five minutes… there’s no way I would make it.


I slumped out of bed and asked my mom if she could drive me to school, knowing she would say no because she had a meeting. I could feel a knot growing in my throat. I had planned to take the bus, so I could be at school early to ask my teacher my questions. I really didn’t want to fail another test. My mom told me to take the public bus. I had never been on one before. I groaned, I knew I would get lost because I was horrible with directions. It was the only solution and I couldn’t do anything about it. I brought 75 cents and walked to the bus stop. I waited for the bus with a bunch of other adults, who were staring at me, because I looked too young to be taking the bus alone. I tried to ignore them, feeling the lump in my throat grow, and grow. The bus finally came and I stepped on. I kept my eye on the road, worried that I would miss my stop. After about ten minutes I saw my stop, it was empty. I shuffled around, getting ready to get off.

minehead busstop

The bus went right by the stop without even the slightest glance. I filled with panic, what did I do wrong? I sat in the bus, feeling sweat particles grow on my forehead. I stared out the window hoping that the next stop was close so I could get off and walk back. We kept going for ten minutes, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find my way back. At that stage in my life I didn’t own a phone because I was so young. I was too shy to ask for a phone or confront the driver so I sat there, frozen in panic. This day was not off to a great start. I could feel tears growing in my eyes, I blinked to try and keep them away. And just like that I started sobbing, not crying, but sobbing. I felt so stupid, so humiliated that I could get lost on such a simple bus ride, and that I was sobbing on a bus ride. The driver ignored me, but I could feel all the passengers eyes on me. No one asked me whats wrong they just murmured to each other and stared.


After what seemed ages, the bus stopped and the driver stood up and walked over to me. Feeling so embarrassed I told her where I needed to go and that I was lost. She told me I had to press the stop button when I had to get off the bus. Then she walked me off the bus and told me to wait at the stop. She told me she sent someone to bring me to school. I finally stopped crying and I was happy that I could get off this bus full of staring people. I waited at the stop, so thankful to be alone for a couple minutes. About ten minutes later a white car pulled up at the stop and told me to get in, the car had the bus logo on it so I trusted the guy. He asked me how my day was and I literally ignored him the whole way because I was so sad and so annoyed that I had been so unlucky. He dropped me off at my school, and I muttered thank you.

Chersonesos' Bell

I heard the bell ring, and I started to jog to my first class. I had math third period so I had two periods to ask people my questions. Its too bad we only get two minutes to walk to each class. I groaned and gave up, if I failed this test then that’s okay, I’ll just work really hard for the rest of the year to make it up. I let the day unfold without caring a bit. I felt as if nothing could get worse then the morning, so I didn’t even bother trying. When math came up I took the test, I could tell I got something within the 80’s and I was fine with that.


Everyone has a bad day once in a while, it was bound to come to me soon… It was just a bad day, not a bad life.

14 thoughts on “Storytime

      1. Me too!! I hav to catch it to and from school, plus when I want to go to town 🙂 haha omg yes, I hav about a billion 😀 we tried talking about them in a Q & A video on youtube but its become such a long video that no one watches it haha 😀
        Awesome to hear from u 🙂
        Lui xx

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  1. (THIS is to luimariablog) I just wanted to say that I checked out your youtube channel (i suscribed and like your vids) BUT WHEN I LISTENED TO THE VIDEO OF THE PIANO AND SINGING I SWEAR it was so beautiful I almost cried!!! You guys need to go on americas got talent or something, you are so skilled. Keep up your blog and youtube, and youll probably be famous :))


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