Stationary Essentials

Back to school season has began, which means back to school shopping. I can’t help buying cute, fun stationary for my room and school. So I’ve decided to blog about a couple stationary essentials. Most of which are practical… the others are just to cute toΒ ignore.


Out of all the pens in the world, STABILO pens are definitely the best. There’s something about fine-tip pens that make them so much better. They’re perfect for jotting down notes at school, drawing and just writing in general. Though they are pretty pricey they’re definitely worth it.

Mini Colored Pencils


This is definitely one of my favorites. One of the main reasons I got this mini colored pencil pack is because it is so portable. If you have a long plane ride, car ride, or extra time you can just take it out of your purse and draw!

Pencil Cases

When I go to school I always have TWO pencil cases. A big one for gluesticks, pens and colored pencils. A small on that I use for every class, containing a pencil, eraser and pen.

Paint Brush Markers

Rather then buying normal markers next year, buy paintbrush markers. They are so fun to use and instead of using paint, which can sometimes be messy, you can simply take out these markers!

Index Card Holder With Bookmarks



Electric Eraser

Your probably wondering what and electric eraser is. Basically its an eraser, but instead of erasing by hand you click a button, it vibrates and erases for you. Not the most practical toy but definitly fun!

Portable Tape and Eraser

You should definitely buy a mini tape dispenser if you go to school. They are really cheap and portable. Mine has a cap so it never gets dirty or ruined. I also recommend to get and eraser with a cap, because every single eraser I bring to school ends up black from dirt and lead.

Matching Giraffe Notebooks

Matching notebooks are the best because when together they suddenly look 100 times better. I got two matching giraffe notebooks because they were so cute and so practical. I use one as a diary and the other as a daily planner





19 thoughts on “Stationary Essentials

  1. I really enjoyed this post! You have great taste in school supplies. I love Stablo pens, brush pens, fun pencil cases, and everything you chose! I hope you’re having a great school year!!!
    ❀ Alana


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