Growing out of a Friend

Do you ever have that one friend that you LOVE. And you loved him/her for years but at one point you both run out of time or have no classes together and you just don’t see each other anymore? Or that one friend has completely changed and you feel like you don’t know him/her anymore. But you convince yourselves you are still best friends, and you will always be best friends. Your growing out of this friend. That’s okay! It happens to everyone at some point. I hate the thought that someone who was so close for so long will no longer be my best friend, but I know that we would grow apart eventually. And you just have to accept that.


Best Friend

I don’t know about you but I have a best friend. The best definition of a best friend I can come up with is someone you can talk to about ANYTHING, you hangout ALL the time and, of course love each other. I think having a best friend is something you need. Sometimes kids aren’t so close to their parents that they can tell them everything. So we have all this information that we need to spill collecting up in our brains. But when you have a best friend all the info that’s private, about crushes, awkward moments, really anything can be spilled out onto him/her. And if you need any weird questions answered you know you can always resort to your best friend. A best friend will always fight for you, stand up for you no matter how stupid the situation is, because they are your best friend. But without one its really hard, because you have no one to spill all your secrets to, no one you feel 100% safe with and no one you know understands you completely.


School Group’s

I don’t know if this exists everywhere but it sure happens at my school. School groups… There are always four groups; The Super Popular’s, The Popular’s, The Normal’s, and The Weirdo’s. Lets start with the Super Popular’s, there are usually three or four people in this group, all GLOWINGLY beautiful, they get there own table and seem to run the grade. There is always one leader in their group and they usually get all the boys/girls to fall in love with him/her. Then there is The Popular’s, this group is rather large, still everyone is beautiful. About fifteen to twenty people are in this group. All of which dedicated their life to some sport. All of these people follow the trends and wear the same exact clothes. As I was observing the groups during school a couple days ago I realized that none of the Super Popular’s or Popular’s had glasses! I was shocked. The Normal’s also consists of fifteen to twenty people, but they have more life. They all dress how they want, act how they want and are usually smarter. The only reason they aren’t put in the Popular’s groups is because they don’t dedicate their life to a sport and are sometimes more shy. Lastly The Weirdo’s. Usually everyone is rude around them before the even get to know them. They usually are into video games, books and they are not too social. However once you get to know them you will realize they are very nice people. THEN there are a couple of people who aren’t in a group, they are friends with everyone regardless there name! That’s who you should aim to be! END THE GROUPS!!!!





16 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I think I know what you mean with losing som efriends. I think I’m loosing one of my est friends, well I don’t accept we’re not best friends anymore but yeah.


    1. Yea, the reason I made that post is because I saw that I was loosing a very close friend, and I wasn’t accepting it. Then I realised that everyone looses friends but you always make new ones. And I think that loosing friends is ok, because its just a stage of growing up. Though it is painful, I dealt with it…I hope you guys do remain friends, but just remember it is ok and it is normal to grow out of friends:))

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  2. That was such a heartfelt piece 🙂 I truly get wat u mean… I’ve gone through lots of friendships in my life, some of them ended smoothly… Others not so much… But exactly it is all part of growing up. Generally you’ll end a lot of childhood friendships at around 11, make more, end those friendships about 13, make more, and finally make the concrete lot about 15. I didn’t lose all my friends but this definitely happened with some of my friendships. I hope that for you it will be a smooth transition, and u can both come out the other side no worse for wear 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing that!! It’s really hard being a teenager, cuz you get really attached to people around you, and you convince yourself that you’ll be friends forever, but the reality is that growing up means loosing friends. I really appreciate you sharing that!!

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      1. exactly! that’s alright, its nice to know when other people r going through the same thing as you. it can help 🙂 the good thing is that then we go on to make brilliant friends that last 🙂


  3. I’m about something just like this! I have grown out of a friend and I remember how hard it was at first. I thought I would never have a best friend again. Wrong! I came to realize that friend was never right for me anyway. Great post drop a follow on my account if you can! Keep on writing


  4. I can totally relate! It’s interesting when you think about it. I have a few friends, more recent, when I thought I liked someone or had things in common and just found them completely annoying later. Others, I have a deep love for and they never annoy me, no matter what. I think it’s so interesting how we connect and form relationships with people. I’ve dumped quite a few long term friends as well over the years. I just realized some of them were complete bitches – who needs that in your life? LOL That’s a bye bye!


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