Stress Free

I think we can all agree that we’ve been stressed at one point of our life. If you are in school like me then you’ve definitely been stressed before. But how can we relieve stress or just avoid it all together? Here are some tips that will help you!!


Steps to reduce steps:

1. First take a moment to stop what your doing and take a couple deep breaths. Whenever you find yourself rushing around, on the brim of collapsing; stop and take deep breaths, it calms you down and gets you ready to finish whatever your doing.

2. This one seems silly, but I find it very useful. Purchase a stress ball, or make one. While your in class or listening to someone, play with your stress ball and it will relieve anxiety and anxiousness. (Also they’re fun to play with)

3. Meditate. Sometimes its hard to sleep when you have a knot in your stomach from stress. So get out of bed and sit on the floor and meditate for a couple minutes. When you get back on your bed it will feel like a huge brick has been lifted off your stomach.

4. Listen to music. While your working put on your favorite music, and it will make whatever your doing so much more enjoyable and it will distract you from your problems.This will lower your blood pressure and make you so much more relaxed.

5. Call a friend!! Ring your best friend and just spill all your problems out on him/her. This will make you feel a lot better. Sometimes we just have to much information piling up in our head and once in a while it needs to explode.

6. Eat healthy. Sometimes when people are stressed they resort to sugar and sweets. Don’t be like that! It is shown that fruits and vegetables (also fish) reduces stress, it also makes you feel better about yourself.

7. Exercise. Lot’s of people hate exercising… I understand. So just do a quick sprint. Run off all your stress. Get all the anxiety out of you. Exercising relieves stress by wearing off all the anxiety and worries in your head. It also will give you a restful sleep.

8. Sleep. Give yourself enough time to sleep, because you will wake up feeling so much more energetic and healthy. It will actually make you more concentrated so you can finish your work on time, leaving no problems that could produce stress.

9. Plan your time. Don’t leave all your work for the last minute or else you will be extremely stressed. Try to spread it out throughout the day so you also have enough time for fun activities and friends.

10.Go outside. Something about the crisp fresh air and the sound of nature instantly reduces your stress level. Also sometimes being clogged up in a dark room for hours can get you worked up, and going outside will definitely help get rid of that feeling.

nature thomas kinkade peaceful retreat 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_61

I hope these tips help you get rid of your stress problems, it definitely helped me. Just try to keep calm and breathe during stressful times and I’m sure you’ll be fine! I will be sure to answer any questions in the comments, or you could reach me by email:


57 thoughts on “Stress Free

  1. Stress balls can really help I agree. However my way of a stress free life is focusing on myself and closest ones, whenever I do feel stressed I throw my favourite music on or make a peppermint or melissa tea and respond to my lovely readers emails or comments. My motto is ‘Today’s stress won’t solve tomorrow’s problems..’ and has been for a while.. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from

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  2. Hi,there!I am really glad to meet you on blogosphere,here you can join the journey entirely your way.This was a great read,hope to see more from you.Happy blogging.Cheers!

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  3. It’s amazing how just stepping outside for a few minutes can help uplift your spirits. I’ve noticed that more lately and I’m amazed what a little fresh air and a walk can do! And you have some other great tips as well.


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