Thank you

I started this blog a couple weeks ago. Today when I woke up I saw 53 view!!!! I remember waking up to zero views everyday, confused as to why no one wanted to see my blog. Right now I have 200 views!!! How insane is that? To the bigger bloggers out there, that seems like nothing. But to me, that’s a milestone. Surprisingly the views didn’t effect me half as much as the comments did. Every time someone writes that my post was helpful, or funny or interesting it brings an instant smile to my face. I can’t believe that people are actually willing to read my blog!! Going through the comments I see there are so many people like me, who have started a blog because they wanted to help other people and share their own tips and techniques of getting through life. As I look through the comments of bloggers, and look at their blogs, I am in awe by their talent, their patience and of course, their photos. I just wanted to say thank you to all my viewers who have commented such sweet things on my posts and who have followed me and have supported me. You’ve made my day and brought a smile to my face 🙂

Here’s a list of my follower’s (check out their AMAZING blogs!!) :

lifetalksandotherstuff @lifetalksandotherstuff
Style It Out @blogstyleitout
munira_chowdhury @munirachowdhury
Singledust @singledust
rashidheniablog @rashidheniablog
Louise @geezlouise01
TheWindDownBlog @thewinddownblog
Imagalaxygirl♡ @imagalaxygirl
Isabella Simons @isabellasimons
Comment down below some of your amazing supporters! (or just comment below for fun because I love comments!!) Thank you for reading!! :))

56 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hey, so as you know I checked your blog, because you commented on mine and I have to say that it is realy really really cool! I bet your blog will grow faster than oyu think! And I love the Content of your Posts! <33

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  2. This amazing and so sweet! My advice is be true to your self. Things might get ruff but I now you can get through anything. I love your blog and can’t wait to see more ❤


  3. I only started blogging last month at the insitence of a friend who said I should do it. It had never really occurred to me. My mother always said I should write ( she has written stories for her own amusement all her life and at the age of 90 won a competition in Rome). I don’t think that I have stories to tell but now I find that when I start writing I can’t stop. The views, likes and comments thing can be a bit of a rush or a downer but little by little…. But the main thing that I have found is that it’s a really wonderful, supportive community here and I am so enjoying myself. So thank you friend who actually gives me no feedback but it actually doesn’t matter. Some amazing bloggers too. Will list another time.x

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  4. U are doing an awesome job and I really liked your bunch of roses. Even I felt like that in the beginning but slowly and steadily people will start appreciating your blog and whatever we write it is all for us as well as for the lovely people who read and we read their blogs. So keep on doing the good work.


  5. congrats! for the follows and the views! Thanks for checking out my blog!
    I like your theme. Also, the way you word your posts. Super fun to read! I gave you a follow back and i’ll be back soon!


  6. Lovely thing to share other blogs. You might want share the actual link to their blog. There is a button that look like a chain. Put their blog website in their with the name of their blog. But really nice thing to do 🙂 you’re learning fast 🙂


  7. Good morning and bonjour, thank you for stopping over at my blog, I really appreciate that! Of course it puts a smile on my face, too, whenever someone leaves a lovely note. Your rose heart photo is really beautiful, and your positive attitude is contagious! Warmest greetings from Paris! Sabine.


  8. Congratulations doll!! You will see more and more followers and readers come everyday! It just takes time for people to discover the content. It sounds like you are on the right track, no doubt! This is a lovely and thoughtful post.


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