Outfit Ideas!

So school is starting in a couple weeks, and I have to figure out what to wear! The first day of school is really important because it’s the first time people will see me and meet me. I have already went back to school clothes shopping, but I still don’t know what I will wear! That’s where I was hoping you guys could help me. I put together a couple outfits, and comment down below which one you like the most. Your opinion would really help! Β Thank you ❀ :))

Outfit # 1



Outfit #2

unnamed (1)


Outfit #3

unnamed (2)


Outfit #4

unnamed (3)


Outfit #5

unnamed (4)


With the outfit you picked, what shoes should I wear?

unnamed (6)

unnamed (5)

If you share your opinion, THANKYOU! It’s so helpful and so kind of you. Have a great day! Love you all<3 :))

85 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas!

  1. I would go for Outfit 1,3 or 5. 3 and 5 with the second shoes and Outfit one I don’t know which one I would choose πŸ™‚ Hope this helps you! ❀


      1. I menat i like Outfit 1, Outfit 3 an Outfit 5 best. I would prefer wearing Outfit 3 and 5 with the second pair of shoes and the other one with the first! πŸ™‚


  2. I like all your outfits. This is for high school or first-year university? You have good fashion sense. Sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and be a little dressier at times. If and when you have the cash, I’d add a pair of flats in gold or some fun colour that matches your clothes. Maybe a pleather biker style jacket, I’ve seen cloth ones too, and some booties black probably, something cute with a bit if a heel but not too much. And if you’re game a casual dress or skirt with tights. But all in all great outfits, and good for school πŸ™‚

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    1. Thankyou so much for getting back to me! This is for highschool, I actually think that’s a really good idea to get dressier because its the first day of school so I want to make a good impression. Ill look around for some clothes!

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      1. Are you in the US or Canada? I think Dynamite would be great for you or H&M or TopShop if they have one where you are. Garage Clothing and Reitman’s might work as well and not be too expensive.


  3. I think the first outfit is my favourite with the 2nd pair of shoes, I have a uniform so I don’t really have this problem πŸ™‚


    1. Thankyou! Your comment really does help! How is having a uniform? Do you like it, or do you wish you could wear something else? I feel like it would make like so much easier but at the same time I would wanna wear something different.

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      1. no problem I enjoy reading your blog! strangely I enjoy having a uniform I think it’s because no one is judged over their style or not owning materialistic items, also it is a plus getting up in the morning and not having to think what to wear !!


  4. 1, 2 and 4. It doesn’t really matter. It looks like you can pull anything off, and you know exactly the kind of outfit for your body composition. You definitely looks like one cool chick.


  5. I love the complimentary colors in Outfit 5! I’d get some white shoes (converse especially would look fantastic with your style) as they would work with anything on top of adding a nice minimalist feel. Anyways, great work!


  6. Love these outfits! My favourite has to be outfit 3 and converses are my favourite shoes of all! I can’t find a single fault in your blog and love it. Keep doing what your doing and your blog will go so far xxxx


  7. Okay so there already have been 80 comments (OML XD) but I’d still like to add mine up, cuz after looking at those super cute outfits and super smart you, I couldn’t resist the urge to comment. Sooo, although I really LOVE ALL OF ‘ EM, for the first day I’d still go with outfit #1 with converse. Btw there was a tie btw #1 and #2, i chose #1 over #2 only because together with converse there are gonna give a really ‘cool and smart’ look, which I believe is perfect to keep your confidence boosted on the first day of high school=)


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