DIY Mini Zen Garden!!

Alright… this has got to be one of my all time FAVORITE DIYS! It is so easy and it can be done with at home materials, no need for shopping! As a DIY-er I always get so annoyed when I see amazing DIY’s that I really want to do, but then it requires weird chemicals and substances, and like who has the money for that?!?!  So, being said I created the cutest zen garden ever; it will relieve stress and is SUPER easy to make! Have Fun!! (if you make this and send me a picture I will give you a shout out! *email in about section)

What you need:

  1. salt
  2. corn meal (optional)
  3. hot glue gun
  4. pebbles from backyard
  5. pretty rock or stone, or any decoration you’d like to have
  6. toothpicks
  7. top of a box, pretty thin

Displaying IMG_1779.JPG


First take your pebbles and hot glue gun, make a thin wall in the top of the box, with about 2-3 rock layers, make sure to stuff hot glue gun in the holes so the cornmeal  does not mix with the salt!! It should look something like this:

Displaying IMG_1781.JPG

Then pour salt onto the larger side of the box and cornmeal into the smaller side. Make sure that the wall still remains above the two so they won’t mix.

Displaying IMG_1786.JPG

Put your decorations into the box and make it look purtyyyy!

Displaying IMG_1780.JPG

Finally, for the rake, you need to cut of the ends of a toothpick,six times make tiny spikes for the rake, get the middle of the toothpick and glue the tiny spikes on. Attach the whole structure to a wire to get this:

Displaying IMG_1788.JPG

Have fun with this!!! It’s super rewarding and relieves SO much stress:) Share with your friends and don’t forget to try it yourself:))

Displaying IMG_1778.JPG

19 thoughts on “DIY Mini Zen Garden!!

  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! I will be making one with my grand daughter this weekend. I showed your blog to her and she said “we HAVE to make those! they are so cute!” glad you popped over to see me so I could find you. giving you a follow. Anyone that can create such a wonderful and calming garden needs to be carefully watched. You never know when another really cool diy will appear!


    1. Huh… thats really weird. I just looked it up on my other computer and it seems like others are seeing it. Maybe try opening the page up on the browser rather then through email (if you were doing that) I’m sorry about that!!


      1. That is strange.. I viewed your blog post on my desktop with Chrome and Firefox, where there is meant to be an image it says “Displaying IMG_1779.JPG” etc..


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